Saturday 19 April 2008

ShakespeaRe-Told - Macbeth

Last night I managed to find a little time to watch "ShakespeaRe-Told - Macbeth". People who have read my blog on James McAvoy will know that this was the last movie I haven't seen that he starred in.

First thing I loved about the movie was the fact that he was talking with his native Scottish accent since the entire action takes place in Glasgow. It was hard without subtitles coz I'm not too used with this accent (note to self: watch more interviews with James to get acquainted to the accent). I was so concentrated on understanding what they were saying that it only added to my exhaustion, so my eyes were closing at about 10.30 pm. Nothing to do with the quality of the movie, though. The movie was good, purely British! It's Shakespeare (re-told or not) after all!! I even realised I had seen it before... During the times when I had no idea who Mr. McAvoy was.

I continued watching the movie this morning, because I really wanted to see how it would end. And it was worth it.

I liked James a lot in this movie. How could I not? He acted brilliantly, as ever... From laughing and being happy to becoming paranoid and psychotic and a murderer... Very nicely done. I love his face and how you can read what the character is going through so easily. That's what acting is about after all.

Moreover, I liked his character... I mean, let's face it: what's one of the guiltiest pleasures we have? Food! And who wouldn't want having a food god as their partner? And if the partner's incredibly hot as well... I won't carry on, I'm sure you get the idea.

Yes, James' character is a chef in the movie and he can make this incredible food that would make anyone drool. He respects the food which only adds to the magic he's using while cooking. It's great! Plus, he looks hot in a... cooking-fetish kind of way! :P I so loved it when he took that pig head apart, he did it like such a professional! :)) And look at the freckles on his arms! *giggles*

Leaving all jokes aside, it is a good movie, about people letting themselves influenced by others, changing into someone they were not before, doing abominable things just to get their status changed, lying, cheating, betraying friends, losing loved ones...

I recommend it if you're into serious British movies.

PS-Thank you for the pic

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