Tuesday 22 April 2008


How do you manage to get over someone who was never yours, but still seemed to be so right for you? How do you manage to get over him when he still seems to be the one you have always longed for? How do you get over him when he continues to pop back into your life exactly when you think he's finally gone. Each time he returns, your whole world is turned upside down and you sit there in your chair with a dumb grin on your face.

Although... he doesn't talk to you too much...

How can you get over him when no one coming your way seems to even be half as good as he is? How do you get over him when every little thing that he does only adds one more star to his ranking and only shows how much of a wonderful soul he is? How do you get over him when he comes back to flirt and he's so sweet? How do you manage to put him at the back of your head when he was the one showing you what real love was? No, even worse: he showed you that real love existed when you had lost all your hope!

I didn't manage to find an answer to all those questions so far and I would appreciate any piece of advice.

In the meantime, I go back to sulking in my chair, unhappy for being reminded that he still exists and that he's not mine... From 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how wrong is it to still have a little hope...?

Saturday 19 April 2008

ShakespeaRe-Told - Macbeth

Last night I managed to find a little time to watch "ShakespeaRe-Told - Macbeth". People who have read my blog on James McAvoy will know that this was the last movie I haven't seen that he starred in.

First thing I loved about the movie was the fact that he was talking with his native Scottish accent since the entire action takes place in Glasgow. It was hard without subtitles coz I'm not too used with this accent (note to self: watch more interviews with James to get acquainted to the accent). I was so concentrated on understanding what they were saying that it only added to my exhaustion, so my eyes were closing at about 10.30 pm. Nothing to do with the quality of the movie, though. The movie was good, purely British! It's Shakespeare (re-told or not) after all!! I even realised I had seen it before... During the times when I had no idea who Mr. McAvoy was.

I continued watching the movie this morning, because I really wanted to see how it would end. And it was worth it.

I liked James a lot in this movie. How could I not? He acted brilliantly, as ever... From laughing and being happy to becoming paranoid and psychotic and a murderer... Very nicely done. I love his face and how you can read what the character is going through so easily. That's what acting is about after all.

Moreover, I liked his character... I mean, let's face it: what's one of the guiltiest pleasures we have? Food! And who wouldn't want having a food god as their partner? And if the partner's incredibly hot as well... I won't carry on, I'm sure you get the idea.

Yes, James' character is a chef in the movie and he can make this incredible food that would make anyone drool. He respects the food which only adds to the magic he's using while cooking. It's great! Plus, he looks hot in a... cooking-fetish kind of way! :P I so loved it when he took that pig head apart, he did it like such a professional! :)) And look at the freckles on his arms! *giggles*

Leaving all jokes aside, it is a good movie, about people letting themselves influenced by others, changing into someone they were not before, doing abominable things just to get their status changed, lying, cheating, betraying friends, losing loved ones...

I recommend it if you're into serious British movies.

PS-Thank you for the pic jamesmcavoyfan.com

Tuesday 15 April 2008


Bet you all thought I was going to start singing:

"Memory, all alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
I was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again"

I was indeed beautiful at the time I am going to mention, but I'm also beautiful now... soooo, no, it's not the
song! Not THAT song anyway...

Tonight I had the privilege of watching my newest DVD at Vlad's place (the audio/video temple). The DVD is Take That's
"Beautiful World Live".

Take That used to be my favourite band when I was around 13 years old, so Take That is one important memory for me...

I was like a kid in a candy shop, my heart beating faster and faster, waiting for the intro (or as they called it - OVERTURE - ahem, how posh!) to finish and for MY BOYS to appear on the stage.

And here they were! To my surprise, they were no boys anymore, but 4 incredibly nice men! Since I shocked my readers with the use of the "C U Next Tuesday" word in my post on James McAvoy, I will try to use easier words to describe my heavy drooling over Mr. Jason Orange. I think he has changed the most among them all and he is absolutely gorgeous. Pinchable sexy ass and all! And when he sang "Wooden Boat", incredibly nervous and on rare moments a bit off key, loads of naughty thoughts rushed into my mind. Push play to listen to the song, it's brilliant!

The concert was an incredible combination of lights, images, new and old songs.

I was able to listen to beautiful new songs from the "Beautiful World" album. I giggled hearing Howard's voice on "Beautiful World", so cute! I remembered my buddy Adey when hearing the first few notes of "Patience", I wanted to lay on Gary's piano when he sang "I'd Wait for Life", I remembered the gay ship captain Robert de Niro in "Stardust" when hearing "Rule the world" and loved Mark from head to toe when he performed "Shine".

But it was the old songs that touched me the most and brought the memories back to me...

"Relight My Fire" - I could remember Robbie's funny hat and Mark's tank top shirt in the video. I remembered envying Lulu so much for singing with them. I wanted to be her!

"Could It Be Magic" - oh, man! Remember the video for this? I know that Robbie was sucking on a soother and Howard showing his 245 pack! Yes, he doesn't have a 6 or an 8 pack just like everybody else (the lucky ones), he has an... as-many-muscles-as-in-the-human-body pack! And the rhythm they chose to play the song on was amazing! What I noticed and made me happy was that they managed to rearrange the songs so nicely that Robbie's absence is not noticed. It's not like in Westlife's case when Bryan (or Brian) left the group and Nicky and Kian had to sing his parts. The songs sounded so weird to me! But not in Take That's case. They were just perfect.

"Back For Good" - very nice!

"Everything Changes" - another great song! I remembered having chicken pox when it came out. I think it was 25 March 1993. Not sure though! But I know how much happiness it brought to me when I wasn't allowed to leave the house for three weeks. They kept the idea of the video for the show, but Robbie's absence was again not noticeable. Great great song!

"Give Good Feeling" - oh my God! I never expected them to play this song! But it was changed, I almost didn't recognise it coz it was mixed by Howard (who, by the way, after Take That dj'ed in clubs in Germany). It was not pop anymore, but house. Great!

"Sure" - hehehe, "It's gotta be social, compatible, sexual, irresistible, it's gotta be right for looooove". It made me laugh so much because they kept the dance steps and I remembered doing them with some of my choir mates in the parking lot of a hotel in France. Hang on, I have a pic! Don't laugh! :P

From left to right: Catalina, Claude, myself, Yvonne and Vali. And that thing around my neck was a Take That pendant bought from Italy, I think it was in Venice where I froze my ass off in San Marco, reading stuff on the guys.

Moving on...

"Never Forget" - this was the best ever! They performed it beautifully, but what made the most of the song was the setting. I am not sure I can explain it, so let's see if I can find something on youtube.com.

Yes! Here it is:

The show ended with "Pray"... Can any song be better than this? It's their first number one and I think I will always remember the joy it brought to me when I heard it. Beautiful!

I was a bit disappointed that they didn't sing "Babe"... Brought back memories from 1994 when it came out. I was hunting for the video on MTV, I must've watched it hundreds of times. Funny thing is that they would play it every morning, at around 7.55 am and I would stay just to watch it when I had to be in school at 8.00 am. Heehee! Luckily, the school was next to my building. :)

It was a nice evening for me, that's why it's 1.36 am at the moment and, instead of snoring away, I'm here writing this. I am not even sleepy.

Thank you guys for bringing my childhood back to me again! And thank you Vlad for letting me see this concert in such extraordinary conditions! Felt like I was there! ;)

Sunday 13 April 2008


Quite a long time ago, I watched a movie called "The Last King of Scotland" starring Forest Whitaker and this young actor with an incredibly lovely Scottish accent. The movie was impressive and violent and made quite an impact on me at the time...

About two weeks ago, I browsed through the new movies I hadn't seen and there it was... "Atonement". I had heard a few nice things about it, but I didn't even know what "atonement" meant. So I decided to watch it... Sat my ass confortably in bed and pushed play... That was the action that marked the beginning of my new passion. I will explain...

A wonderful movie (as most British movies are) developed in front of my eyes and there was this actor in it who made my heart skip a few beats. He looked so much like a guy I used to... fancy (you know who you are), but also a lot like one of the schoolmates I once shared a desk with (and I wish I knew what he was doing at the moment)... But that's another story...

I continued watching, mesmerised and with a stupid grin on my face. It was obvious that a love story was going to develop and, being the uncurable romantic that I am, I was so anxious to see how it would go. A mixture of sad and funny moments... What made me laugh the most was the memorable letter that triggers the events:

"In my dreams,
I kiss your (this is where, I swear, I thought he was going to type lips! Silly me!) cunt, your sweet wet cunt."

and he burst into laugh... My God, I was in love! :)

I won't tell you more details on what happens in the movie, coz I'm sure there are people who did not see it yet and I wouldn't like to spoil it for them. I will only say that it is definitely worth watching and mostly because of the performance that the young actor I mentioned above is given (thanks Karl! ;) ).

Who is he? What does "Atonement" have to do with "The Last King of Scotland"?

He is James McAvoy... And he starred in both movies. He was the young doctor with the lovely Scottish accent.

I found that out by checking IMDb, as well as I found out that he had starred in so many other movies. I HAD to see them. It was the way I spent my next two weeks, searching for his movies and getting more and more hooked up!

Who was this guy? Why hadn't he caught my attention before?

Am I working that much that I don't have time to pay proper attention to the movies I'm watching anymore? He's incredibly talented and I am in no way biased when I say this, just coz nowadays I have a huge crush on him. *blushes*

I can definitely say he's not just another pretty face, noticed by some director while shopping somewhere in L.A. No way!

He was born in Glasgow and he'll be 29 on 21 April this year. He studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, a tiny little very significant thing that separates the British actors from the Hollywood ones: acting school. He can fit into any kind of role and it makes you think he cannot be the same actor you have seen in the previous movie. Basically, he's no Keanu Reeves (which I adore anyway) who is the same guy in each and every movie he makes.

I will present his movies, the ones I saw anyway, and I warmly invite you to see them:

"Children of Dune"

It's actually a mini-serie from Sci-Fi and I think you'll love it, especially if you're a Science-Fiction fan... which I'm not. He plays Leto. And I didn't quite understand why his name is after so many others when he basically is the heart of the whole thing.


He doesn't have the leading role, but the movie is definitely worth seeing.

"Inside I'm Dancing"

Incredibly touching movie and James McAvoy is awesome. He plays the role of the rebel Irish Rory O'Shea who despite the fact that he's completely paralysed, wants to "live life like he means it".

Wonderful, wonderful movie! You will only realise how lucky you are and how you should enjoy that.

Bravo James!

"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"

He plays Mr. Tumnus - The Faun. *puts on her childish voice* Vely, vely cute! It would be good to watch this interview...

When this movie came out, I refused to watch it thinking that no fantastic story could ever beat "The Lord of the Rings". I was right, it doesn't even come close, but it's not a bad movie. And James is OH SO CUTE!

"The Last King of Scotland"

I already mentioned this movie. It stars Forest Whitaker, huge, huge actor! But it was James who took the Best Actor award at the Scottish BAFTA for this movie. Heehee!


A movie about loving someone who is... a bit different than the others and looks not being important... Yeah, right, it's a very cute thought, but let's face it... It's never like that. I know it better than anyone else, don't I? Good movie though.

"Starter for 10"

Nice movie about a guy who grows up without his dad and wants to make him proud by participating in a contest having as subject general knowledge... He is determined to know as many things as possible and he falls in love with the wrong girl. Tom Hanks is the executive producer, so it should say a thing about the movie.

"Becoming Jane"

Wonderful love movie! Great performance again.

and finally...


Great, great movie, as I've said before. Must watch it.

Right... So those were the movies I've seen lately. I still have to see
"ShakespeaRe-Told - Macbeth" and some episodes of "Shameless". Heard they were pretty interesting.

I know for sure that I'll keep a close eye on James McAvoy's next moves. His next film featuring Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman called
"Wanted" is supposed to come out this summer. Cannot wait!

So... this is James!

PS-Thank you for the photos jamesmcavoyfan.com!

Tuesday 8 April 2008

Happy Birthday to my best friend!

Today it's my best friend's birthday. In case you're wondering whose birthday it is, either Seby, Bobo or Leila's, I will let you wait for a while until you get the answer...

Best friend... Until recently, I felt very guilty wondering who of the above-mentioned three was worthy of such a "title".

Was it the crazy guy, with big brown eyes, who I used to play with since I was 5 and who enjoyed humiliating me in front of people just to show how special he was? Don't worry, that lasted until we were like 11 or 12... :) He then became this caring guy, who even though wasn't next to you all day long, he would ALWAYS be there when you needed him.

Was it the elegant guy who kicked my arse so often just to make me move forward? To make me see what I could actually accomplish, to reach for the stars and to... lose weight coz no one will STRICTLY love me for my big big heart? Was it the guy who became close to me when his big love broke his heart after nine years of being together? The guy for whom I stood by until he eventually got married and I was told I was being pathetic for sticking to him so closely. Guess that was supposed to be my blessing to find my own way, a way independent from him.

Or was it the girl who, even if I have no recollection of this, I ran towards on the corridor of my first work place, picked her up and hugged tightly? The girl I joined my loneliness with when I was 21, fell in love with (don't get this wrong, still liking boys... ahem, men!), hated for breaking my heart and loved again for coming back into my life after a couple of years and for bringing three other souls with her that managed to make me smile.

Who can you call a best friend? Someone you just met? Someone you have no idea if you actually have something in common with? Someone you keep in touch with? Someone who is always there for you? Gee, it's hard... I think a best friend is defined by how your relationship evolves. And a best friend is the person who understands you, tells you when you're wrong, admits when doing wrong towards you and, in the end, manages to make you laugh! Yes, your best friend can change throughout the years, depending on circumstances. The boy you were sharing your chocolate with at kindergarten might've taken a different path in life than yours... So he's not your best friend anymore, is he?

Ok, ok, won't keep you waiting anymore and I will tell you who it is... No more guilt for "neglecting" the others by not calling them "my best friend", that doesn't mean I don't love them still.

My best friend is Leila, yeah, yeah, the girl I loved above.

Happy birthday, my dear friend. Hope you will be able to always find the strength to forgive me when I do something you disagree with. Hope you will stick by me forever and eventually teach me how to be the good mother that you are. Hope you will achieve the goals you have set for you in your mind and that you will become stronger and more immune to what you believe is unfair and is happening around you. Don't let them get you down anymore. Keep being the crazy kid you are! Be careful how you joke! Hahaha! Enjoy your life to the full, even if it's disappointing sometimes.

Don't forget that I love you.

PS-You and I, Bon Jovi, date... ;)

Monday 7 April 2008


I am Livia...

I don't know how my first ever post should look like, but I have to write a small introduction. I won't be telling you about who or how I am, because I might turn out to be too subjective. Therefore, I am thinking that you will realise on your own who you're dealing with by reading what I'll try to write here now and again.

Why did I create this blog? It was just because I miss the years when I had time to write stories and I would very much want to do it again. Hopefully, inspiration will come along.

Enjoy reading!