Tuesday 15 April 2008


Bet you all thought I was going to start singing:

"Memory, all alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
I was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again"

I was indeed beautiful at the time I am going to mention, but I'm also beautiful now... soooo, no, it's not the
song! Not THAT song anyway...

Tonight I had the privilege of watching my newest DVD at Vlad's place (the audio/video temple). The DVD is Take That's
"Beautiful World Live".

Take That used to be my favourite band when I was around 13 years old, so Take That is one important memory for me...

I was like a kid in a candy shop, my heart beating faster and faster, waiting for the intro (or as they called it - OVERTURE - ahem, how posh!) to finish and for MY BOYS to appear on the stage.

And here they were! To my surprise, they were no boys anymore, but 4 incredibly nice men! Since I shocked my readers with the use of the "C U Next Tuesday" word in my post on James McAvoy, I will try to use easier words to describe my heavy drooling over Mr. Jason Orange. I think he has changed the most among them all and he is absolutely gorgeous. Pinchable sexy ass and all! And when he sang "Wooden Boat", incredibly nervous and on rare moments a bit off key, loads of naughty thoughts rushed into my mind. Push play to listen to the song, it's brilliant!

The concert was an incredible combination of lights, images, new and old songs.

I was able to listen to beautiful new songs from the "Beautiful World" album. I giggled hearing Howard's voice on "Beautiful World", so cute! I remembered my buddy Adey when hearing the first few notes of "Patience", I wanted to lay on Gary's piano when he sang "I'd Wait for Life", I remembered the gay ship captain Robert de Niro in "Stardust" when hearing "Rule the world" and loved Mark from head to toe when he performed "Shine".

But it was the old songs that touched me the most and brought the memories back to me...

"Relight My Fire" - I could remember Robbie's funny hat and Mark's tank top shirt in the video. I remembered envying Lulu so much for singing with them. I wanted to be her!

"Could It Be Magic" - oh, man! Remember the video for this? I know that Robbie was sucking on a soother and Howard showing his 245 pack! Yes, he doesn't have a 6 or an 8 pack just like everybody else (the lucky ones), he has an... as-many-muscles-as-in-the-human-body pack! And the rhythm they chose to play the song on was amazing! What I noticed and made me happy was that they managed to rearrange the songs so nicely that Robbie's absence is not noticed. It's not like in Westlife's case when Bryan (or Brian) left the group and Nicky and Kian had to sing his parts. The songs sounded so weird to me! But not in Take That's case. They were just perfect.

"Back For Good" - very nice!

"Everything Changes" - another great song! I remembered having chicken pox when it came out. I think it was 25 March 1993. Not sure though! But I know how much happiness it brought to me when I wasn't allowed to leave the house for three weeks. They kept the idea of the video for the show, but Robbie's absence was again not noticeable. Great great song!

"Give Good Feeling" - oh my God! I never expected them to play this song! But it was changed, I almost didn't recognise it coz it was mixed by Howard (who, by the way, after Take That dj'ed in clubs in Germany). It was not pop anymore, but house. Great!

"Sure" - hehehe, "It's gotta be social, compatible, sexual, irresistible, it's gotta be right for looooove". It made me laugh so much because they kept the dance steps and I remembered doing them with some of my choir mates in the parking lot of a hotel in France. Hang on, I have a pic! Don't laugh! :P

From left to right: Catalina, Claude, myself, Yvonne and Vali. And that thing around my neck was a Take That pendant bought from Italy, I think it was in Venice where I froze my ass off in San Marco, reading stuff on the guys.

Moving on...

"Never Forget" - this was the best ever! They performed it beautifully, but what made the most of the song was the setting. I am not sure I can explain it, so let's see if I can find something on youtube.com.

Yes! Here it is:

The show ended with "Pray"... Can any song be better than this? It's their first number one and I think I will always remember the joy it brought to me when I heard it. Beautiful!

I was a bit disappointed that they didn't sing "Babe"... Brought back memories from 1994 when it came out. I was hunting for the video on MTV, I must've watched it hundreds of times. Funny thing is that they would play it every morning, at around 7.55 am and I would stay just to watch it when I had to be in school at 8.00 am. Heehee! Luckily, the school was next to my building. :)

It was a nice evening for me, that's why it's 1.36 am at the moment and, instead of snoring away, I'm here writing this. I am not even sleepy.

Thank you guys for bringing my childhood back to me again! And thank you Vlad for letting me see this concert in such extraordinary conditions! Felt like I was there! ;)

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