Tuesday 8 April 2008

Happy Birthday to my best friend!

Today it's my best friend's birthday. In case you're wondering whose birthday it is, either Seby, Bobo or Leila's, I will let you wait for a while until you get the answer...

Best friend... Until recently, I felt very guilty wondering who of the above-mentioned three was worthy of such a "title".

Was it the crazy guy, with big brown eyes, who I used to play with since I was 5 and who enjoyed humiliating me in front of people just to show how special he was? Don't worry, that lasted until we were like 11 or 12... :) He then became this caring guy, who even though wasn't next to you all day long, he would ALWAYS be there when you needed him.

Was it the elegant guy who kicked my arse so often just to make me move forward? To make me see what I could actually accomplish, to reach for the stars and to... lose weight coz no one will STRICTLY love me for my big big heart? Was it the guy who became close to me when his big love broke his heart after nine years of being together? The guy for whom I stood by until he eventually got married and I was told I was being pathetic for sticking to him so closely. Guess that was supposed to be my blessing to find my own way, a way independent from him.

Or was it the girl who, even if I have no recollection of this, I ran towards on the corridor of my first work place, picked her up and hugged tightly? The girl I joined my loneliness with when I was 21, fell in love with (don't get this wrong, still liking boys... ahem, men!), hated for breaking my heart and loved again for coming back into my life after a couple of years and for bringing three other souls with her that managed to make me smile.

Who can you call a best friend? Someone you just met? Someone you have no idea if you actually have something in common with? Someone you keep in touch with? Someone who is always there for you? Gee, it's hard... I think a best friend is defined by how your relationship evolves. And a best friend is the person who understands you, tells you when you're wrong, admits when doing wrong towards you and, in the end, manages to make you laugh! Yes, your best friend can change throughout the years, depending on circumstances. The boy you were sharing your chocolate with at kindergarten might've taken a different path in life than yours... So he's not your best friend anymore, is he?

Ok, ok, won't keep you waiting anymore and I will tell you who it is... No more guilt for "neglecting" the others by not calling them "my best friend", that doesn't mean I don't love them still.

My best friend is Leila, yeah, yeah, the girl I loved above.

Happy birthday, my dear friend. Hope you will be able to always find the strength to forgive me when I do something you disagree with. Hope you will stick by me forever and eventually teach me how to be the good mother that you are. Hope you will achieve the goals you have set for you in your mind and that you will become stronger and more immune to what you believe is unfair and is happening around you. Don't let them get you down anymore. Keep being the crazy kid you are! Be careful how you joke! Hahaha! Enjoy your life to the full, even if it's disappointing sometimes.

Don't forget that I love you.

PS-You and I, Bon Jovi, date... ;)

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