Wednesday 24 December 2008

So... when did I get to be so busy...?

It was beginning of October when my look passed over the TV screen and I noticed some men that looked very familiar and a lot like some boys I once knew very well. I went back to the TV screen and I realised I was looking at four of the members of New Kids on the Block, all grown up, in their late 30's - early 40's, looking incredibly hot! My first thought was: "Wow, look at them! My first ever favourite group! They brought them together to host an all-American chart on MTV... Hmm..." I admit I smiled broadly, it was so good to see them again! Those "kids" I pledged my love to and Jon, oh Jon! *BIG SIGH* Donnie was missing and I thought: "Hmm, he's probably busy with some new movie he's making..." He's an actor nowadays, y'see.

The chart was coming to an end and to my overwhelming surprise, on the top of it, there was this song called Summertime sung by, who else, NKOTB! It was the moment when I felt 12-13 years old all over again! Flashbacks of German Bravo magazines that were like gold to me back then appeared in front of my eyes. Pins made of each member's photo, cut from the magazine, stuck to a cardboard, wrapped in scotch tape and with a safety pin glued to its back. Pirated tapes bought from the kiosk in front of my building with the money saved over a month or so. First NKOTB T-shirt I got from a friend who was also a fan, priceless! Seeing the kid of your ex-teacher coming to school, carrying a NKOTB backpack and drooling behind him until the lovely lady gave it to you... The backpack, not the kid! Jeez, those were the days! I mean it, kids nowadays don't have the same joys we had back then. They have everything at their disposal. Of course, everything still costs money, but not necessarily a fortune as it did to us back then. Every Spiderman fan gets their duvet, every Tokyo Hotel fan gets their black nail polish etc. We had to be inventive back then, make what the kids in... Germany, for example, had just like the kids here have today. We really wished for a concert in Bucharest, but I guess we weren't worth it... or maybe just unknown. But let's have a break for you to watch the video of Summertime, while I'll bring a Leffe dark, then we shall move on with the story...

Don't they look great? Hotter than ever, n'est-ce pas? And imagine they are between 36 - 40 years old! Wow! How the hell do they manage? I mean, look at the 30 year olds around you and see how much older they look than the NKOTB! No, no, no, it's not the beer talking, I'm not even through the half bottle yet! And no, this story doesn't end with the NKOTB being reborn and me a sad alcoholic... You won't hear the "Hi, I'm Livia and I'm an alcoholic" at the end... Relax, I'm still a coke fan! Coke as in Coca-Cola or Pepsi, relax!!! And Jordan, you could get my number any time... ;)

The first thing I did after realising they were back was to share the joy with my NKOTB buddy (then Take That, then Boyzone, then Caught in the Act (was it?), then...), Catalina. To my even bigger surprise she told me: "Oh, didn't you know? I thought you knew! The single was out in May!"

May... June, July, August, September, nearly October, nearly 6 months and I didn't know a thing???? *pauses for a good mouthful of beer to drown the sorrow* It hit me right in the face... I had become one of those people you hear about or see in the movies, who are BUSY! Too busy to hear that your first musical love were performing again? How sad... I knew I was busier and busier with my job because I couldn't manage to catch up with the latest movies out anymore... It was getting nearly impossible to keep track of my favourite 4-5 TV series... But to not be aware that NKOTB were back again...? For six whole months?? Outrageous! It was like a sin! I felt dirty! Nah, I'm exaggerating, but really... it made me feel uncomfortable and realise that those working nights until 2-3 in the morning were killing even my hobbies... Or whatever was left of them...

To wash away the sins at least a little bit, I immediately ordered the new album that was out, called The Block (click on the pic if you wanna buy it):

It didn't seem enough though, so I added their Greatest Hits album too and visited their official website to buy two T-shirts! What did I tell ya? I was 12 again! Only bigger sized. If one T-shirt, an M-sized, I'll be able to wear, for the other I have to wait until I lose 20 more kilos, otherwise it will explode. And we cannot afford that, can we? Because it's beeeeeeeeeautiful!

My sin-washing adventure came to an end on Monday evening when I adorned the tree listening to their Merry, Merry Christmas album. Did they really make songs like that in the 90's? LOL! Big LOL! :)

Gonna grab another beer, until then I leave you with their next single, called "Single", with NE-YO:

Alrightie! Since I'm alone and Jon is single, could he help me with my lipstick too? I can easily drop mine into a sink... Poof! Just like that... So I don't gotta be alone and all... My boyfriend for the next couple-uh-minutes... Ok, that's the beer kicking in... Moving on!

About two weeks ago, I finally received a DVD I had pre-ordered a long time ago, Westlife's latest. Now who are Westlife? Wasn't I talking about NKOTB earlier??

As I was mentioning, I spent my teens and my adult life going from one band to the next (such a boyband whore! :P), started with NKOTB, moved on to Take That, then Boyzone, then Caught in the Act, then Westlife, since 1998, when I watched the TV exclaiming: "Yay!!! Boyzone has another single out!!!" just to realise that it wasn't Boyzone, but this new Irish group, co-managed at the time by Boyzone's Ronan Keating, Westlife. That song was called "Swear it again"...

Maannnnn, it's been 10 years since I fell in love with Shane, with Bryan, with Nicky, with Kian and with Mark! They have been my best friends! Always there, with their great voices, through thick and thin! Through my terrible love crushes! I have lived my life by their songs. Don't know if it was good because I'm still waiting to carve my name and his on everything we can find (Catch My Breath), still waiting to weigh 50 kilos and have one guy who didn't pay attention to me when I weighed 124 going: "I should have known I was wrong when I left her for a life in pity but they say you never miss the water until it's gone" (When You're Looking Like That), still waiting for the man of my life to sing to me Close Your Eyes the night before he's returning to his home for a couple of days or just goes away with business, just to call from a hotel room and tell me and our kids (when we're married) "I'm already there, take a look around, I'm the sunshine in your hair, I'm the shadow on the ground, I'm the whisper in the wind, I'm your imaginary friend and I know I'm in your prayers, oh, I'm already there..." (I'm Already There). Well, until then I'm just the "Fool Again", but when he finds me he'll know that I "must have had a broken heart to love" him "the way" I will (You Must Have Had a Broken Heart).

This beer is no good! I tell ya!

I could write my dreams and my life using only Westlife lyrics, I swear (it again)! See?? :)

So, 10 years after Swear It Again and they're still brilliant. But the problem is that it took the DVD two whole weeks of laying on my desk before it finally got played. I'm too busy! Too busy to see how emotional it was for them to perform in Dublin, on Croke Park Stadium in front of 82,500 people! Too busy to see their documentary "The Road Home" where they are with their wives, kids and boyfriends! Oh my God! Shane with little sweet Nicole! Nicky... damn, it's impossible, the baby-faced boy has twin boys, Rocco and Jay! You should've seen him push the double baby-carriage! Words cannot describe it! Too cute!

I was very disappointed with myself because I realised that I forgot most of the lyrics, so I cannot sing along anymore. Moreover, the last couple of albums are not too familiar to me and I completely dislike that! Note to self: from now on, when you're being arrogant because you have work to do (because you're at work, duh!) and your office mates are laughing loud, talking on the phone for hours and you're trying to focus on your work, not realising that it could be worse, you could actually share the office with 10 more people instead of 4, no more headphone listening to Bob Dylan or Stereophonics, listen to your boys!

Everyone has moved on... everyone has married and has kids... I think it's time for me to do something about it. I am still a complete child at heart, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't make a good mother to a baby boy or a baby gal, does it? :) I need to make more time for things that matter! Gonna start on 28 December when I'm boarding Wizzair's flight to Rome... Oh, it's gonna be such a party! I need to start a new life in 2009, getting rid of bad things that keep me back, learning new things and improving my life! Have a lot of resolutions! And I promise to take care of each and every one of them in 2009. I cannot allow getting to the age of 30 and not having done the things that any 20 year old has done! It's gonna be great! It's gonna be great! Keep in touch, reader! ;)

Until we meet again, since it's Christmas Eve and all, I wish you all the best, may you be happy, healthy and have only good things happen to you. May you be Flying Without Wings... Merry Christmas everyone!

PS - Thank you for the videos NKOTB-Official on and GuiGuiMatador on

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