Thursday 11 December 2008

Selling nationality... Anyone interested?

I know I have promised to post the second part of my Italian style traveling, I am in the middle of writing it and it shall be published soon. But after tonight's experience, I have to stop a little and just vent off my frustration. A frustration that builds unavoidable inside me everyday I spend in this country I was unfortunately born in.

Be warned that strong language is contained in the following paragraphs.

What happened? As you already know, two weeks ago I was enjoying a very nice game of football, in a city called Cluj-Napoca. The city is in the part of Romania that along history was highly influenced by the German and Austrian people, so the persons born there still have a chance. Our group was talking Italian at a football match that was between a Romanian team and an Italian one, but still, no one gave them the finger just for that reason. Of course, there were a lot of blow-jobs promised to the Italian team from the Romanian side, nobody said that football is anymore an artistic show like rugby, for example. But no one picked on you because you were speaking the opposite team's language. That was in Cluj...

Tonight we had the opportunity to experience Bucharest's style. Bucharest people, supporters of Steaua Bucharest which, as my brother says (but he's a Dinamo Bucharest supporter, so he could be biased), has it's stadium near the corn field, acted like they were indeed born on the corn field and spent all their lives in a cave.

Who was I with? A Romanian guy from Timisoara (also Transylvania), so he's a bit different. Even more, he lives now in the UK, so... lucky him! Then there were three Italian guys: Mr. P, Mr. R and Tommaso, a friend of theirs. This guy was polite, jolly, friendly, speaking Romanian with a cute Italian accent and with an adorable accented R, baby blue eyes etc. So, no reason to be picked on, really.

We managed to find a parking place somewhere, not very far from the stadium and started walking. I told them that they should keep their mouths shut because it was not a friendly neighbourhood and it was not Cluj-Napoca for sure! Of course, going to a football game, as I previously said, makes guys devolve into 12 year olds. (From here, it's what I've been told by Tommaso because I was walking in front of them all...) So they were laughing and joking in Italian, when this group of guys that would've looked better inside of a prison cell heard them. Tommaso, hearing and UNDERSTANDING what they were saying, realised that they were going to be in a bit of trouble. One of the guys asked another: are these ones Italians? Then walked towards Mr. R and asked him for a lighter in Romanian, preparing to hit him at the moment he would've replied in anything else but Romanian. This is when Tommaso stepped in, speaking in Romanian, explaining that they might've been Italian, but they were living in Romania and supporting Steaua. He couldn't end his explanation, because the brute's fist met with his jaw. Simply, just like that, for no reason at all. I think it could've got worse, but there were policemen nearby who, of course, didn't see anything. It doesn't matter though! This guy got hit only because he was Italian. This to me is unacceptable and it's filling the glass of frustration towards general Romanian behaviour. I felt like shit because I was Romanian at that moment. I wished the ground to open and swallow me in (maybe reach Australia on the other side).

The disappointment with the Romanian nation continued on the stadium where 3/4 of the spectators... excuse-me, hooligans (because spectators are at a show), were each inviting Adrian Mutu for a blow-job. Why? Because he used to play for the eternal rival team Dinamo Bucharest and now was playing for the enemy. No, of course, why not be proud that Mutu is one of the good things Italians know about Romania when you can tell him to suck your cock (Which one? The one missing?) every two minutes? Right? Oh, we, Romanians, are so great! All of us are fucking great! So fucking intelligent! We are the best players from the tribune, the best coaches, the best team owners, the best everything! We, Romanians, who are so great, live to criticise! No one is better than us, the other all suck (cock, eventually, like Mutu was invited to do tonight!). And you know what was even more annoying? That these guys were not even supporting their own team! You go to a football game which should be a show (together with your 10 year old kid) to swear, to crack sunflower seeds between your teeth and split the shell on the back of the person in front of you, to yell like a Neanderthalian and to scratch your... not balls, what balls, just your crotch! The education your child is receiving is priceless! The next generation is hopeless, really. We could shoot them now.

You wanna hear something funny? When I told Tommaso how sorry I was about what happened to him and that he still had a chance to leave the university he chose to study at here and to go back home where people have good railways, good roads, nice bridges, incredible viaducts, amazing tunnels, where people smile and are polite and not stressed, where people sing "That's amore!", "O sole mio", "Mamma...", "Italiano Vero", "Americano", "Nel blu dipinto di blu"! Aaaargh! So, when I told Tommaso that, he said very politely that things like these happen also in Italy because there are stupid people everywhere... Yeah, I agree they are not only smart there, but then again, the percentage of stupid and mean and rude and uneducated people and losers like here it's nowhere reached!

Concluding, I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth tonight. And not because of similar actions like the ones wished to Mutu, as some might think... This is the point when I decline the nationality I was given because the people who are civilised enough and still living in the country are starting to disappear. I am officially letting you know that I shall thoroughly look for another job in another country where people are more civilised than here. Even if they drink a lot of Guinness, you know. I am sick of the pettiness of the Romanian people in general, their unjustified arrogance and complete stupidity and nastiness. The more stupid they are, the more meaner to each other they become. I am sick of your lack of vision and of sense of reality. I am sick of your superficiality and ignorance. So that's it! I'll be leaving! Va fanculo! May you rest in your ignorant peace! You're all dead, you just didn't realise it yet! And I hope the devil, when you reach hell, because that's where y'all are going, will feed you what you wished to Mutu tonight!

PS-Buying Irish nationality. Accepting even Dutch, German, British, Italian, French, Austrian, any Nordic country ones, South African, Australian, New Zealander...


locke said...

Oh, yeah, I absolutely agree!
I'm buying foreign nationality as well...Swedish, Finnish or Norwegian.

Anonymous said...

You know what? You're absolutely right. I wanna leave, too. I'm so sick and tired of all the uneducated, uncivilised, uneverything romanian people. So, Lee, if you find a better place, please let me know. I'm game baby.
PS: I'm really sorry you had to endure that kind of trouble, you and your nice friends.
Love, Cata Barbu

shamrockraver said...

They ARE nice, aren't they? ;) The annoy the hell outta me, but they're guys, what can you expect? :))

Hugs baby girl,

Brendon said...

What an awful thing... if I was in your place I'd feel embarassed, too. I can't directly related towards the phenomenon of sports fanaticism, particularly to the point of hitting someone for being from another country or supporting another team... mostly because I'm not much into sports. But I've seen how fanatic some people get about it, and in many of the countries I've seen. It seems to be common no matter where you go--I certainly know people get into fights or riots about the outcome of some game here in the U.S., too.

I guess all I can do is sympathize, and stress that while many (if not most) guys are nutcases where sports are concerned, at least some of us know better, regardless of nationality. :)

shamrockraver said...

Brendon, if this were to happen on a stadium, I'd say: OK, fair enough, the sports fanatics have done it again, it was to be expected. But it happened on the street. Tommaso could've just had a rented apartment in the area and gone home from work or the uni. This is why the whole story was so stupid. Combined with the general state of this people, it just makes me angrier!