Wednesday 14 May 2008

New passion... or is it?

Those of you who have read my previous post will know that I have recently went on a short holiday to Istanbul. Moreover, they will know that there were loads of photos in there, to show everyone just how beautiful the city really is.

I am ashamed to say that those are probably the best pictures taken there and I couldn't do better than that. Yes, it's true... I'm a lousy photographer and I had a lousy camera with me.

I kept watching the pictures, getting angrier and angrier with myself due to the fact that about two holidays ago I had promised myself to pay a lot more attention to the photographs I was taking while away. I love watching good photographs and I am proud to say that I actually have a friend who is providing me with some wonderful ones now and again, whenever he chooses to pay a little attention to me and to be lavish. ;) You don't have to take my word for it, just click on the picture below to see a sample of his work. Maybe my favourite ever!

All credits for it go to Adey. :) It's not him in the photo, just a good friend of his. And if you like it and wanna find out more about my friend, click here and here.

Apart from Adey, there's Vlad and he's probably the person most addicted to having the best photo/video/audio toys. He's like in love with them and when he shows them to you it gets you equally addicted.

So I found myself cornered, while Adey and Vlad kept finding bad things to say about the photos I had taken.

Since I hate not being the best in everything (not possible, I know, working on that, with proper medication along... just kidding! About the meds that is! :P), I tried to improve my photography taking style. I managed to take nice pictures during my last two holidays, but messed up big time in Istanbul. Why? Because I was in a rush and never relaxed in order to find the best shot. Also because the sun was too bright and the camera screen was barely visible. Really disappointing...

Last year, I gave a thought to buying a camera like Vlad's. It was professional, a DSLR, took amazing photos, if only you had enough money to buy it and enough patience to learn how to use it. Had the patience, didn't really have the money.

That changed this year, better said this month. I realised I could actually get it and didn't think twice about it. Just phoned the company who had it and went to get it. Here it is...

Nikon D4o... Not too expensive for this type of cameras, but definitely perfect for someone who is just starting to learn photography such as myself. It takes beautiful photos and if someone is patient enough to explain it to you, you will take amazing shots. I was given a short intensive course on what everything means by Vlad. In this way I understood what 18-55 mm means, what f/something means, what exactly ISO is and what happens if you increase/decrease exposure. It was also very useful to check out Ken Rockwell's website, where he describes most things that you may do with it.

Therefore, I started learning... Baby steps! I need to go out and take pictures, but in the meantime, James, my poor cat, had to model for me a little. Also, caught some beautiful sunsets from my window and played with the thinggies I mentioned above in order to get the best shot. I will attach some samples of my... ahem... work. ;)



Keep your fingers crossed for me. I wanna learn, as Adey says, to "stay away from AUTO". Currently I'm on P, wondering if I'll ever get to M. Hehehe!

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