Sunday 18 May 2008

Kylie in Bucharest

Last night, I went to see Kylie Minogue in concert. I am not one of his dedicated fans, but then again I kinda grew up listening to her songs and fell in love with Jason Donovan in the video for Especially for You.

I had no idea of what to expect from the show, but I hoped I was going to get the entertainment I was craving for last night.

Although it was supposed to begin at 8.00 pm, due to the fact that she had no opening act, the show started at almost 9.00 pm. Never mind, I was in good company, Andra & Marius + friends. We had tickets in the area nearest to the stage, but, God, I wished I was a bit taller. I think Andra wished the same... especially when these two very tall (and fine!) blokes stopped in front of us, followed (to be read guarded) by their girlfriends. I did feel one of the girls was going to bite our heads off when Andra dared to ask one of the guys to move a bit aside coz she was not able to see anything anymore... Hmmm, maybe it was just me...

The show was... good, but it could've certainly been better. I hated the silence and blackness moments between outfit changes. Loved the outfits though! She must've changed like eight or something. As far as I understood, they were all Jean-Paul Gaultier's creations. Most of all, I liked the cheerleader one, maybe because my photos came out fantastic while she wore it. :)

What else was good? Her voice was good, couldn't hear a lot of off-key notes, the background screen was awesome, the colours used were amazing, the dancers... I need to mention that I have no idea how the girls danced just because the guys were way too hot and I tried to get their image imprinted on my retina for those cold and lonely nights! :D Just kidding! Pffff...

I wish she sang more of her older songs... I realised how old I actually was when happiness burst out from me when she ended the show with "I should be so lucky".

I also liked the organisation of the show, so thumbs up to EMag!c Entertainment.

Besides being a good way to let off some steam, it was also a great opportunity for me to test my camera. I took loads of photos, but only about 1/4 came out right. It was because the position I had wasn't too good. But I'm happy with the ones that are ok. I have to mention that I used no flash and it was only due to the ISO set to 1600 that my photographical mission was successful! Enjoy some of them below... And the six-packs on the guys... :D


Anonymous said...

U should really consider writing in Romanian, since your English is not so good...
"I am not one of his (her, Kylie's) dedicated fans"
"especially when these two very tall (and fine!) blokes (??)"
"blackness moments" :)

shamrockraver said...

Thank you for the remarks, but I will continue to write in English because I wish so. I write for myself and for my friends which... I guess you're not.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary "bloke":

Pronunciation: \ˈblōk\
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
Date: circa 1829
chiefly British : man, fellow

And that's exactly what I meant. But probably your English is not that good either.

As any human being, I do make mistakes, but overall my English is a lot better than the one of most of the people that have it as mother tongue. Trust me, I've been told this by very educated British citizens.

Thank you for stopping by, anyway and for taking the time to read it and comment upon it.