Sunday 22 June 2008

In Bruges

Being in Bruges is probably one of the nicest things that could happen to you in a lifetime. At least, that's what I felt. It's always like stepping into a parallel world where time stopped, if it weren't for the many modern shops.

I visited Bruges three times and I would always go back there. It's beautiful in the summer and more than amazing in the autumn. The colours are incredible. I will attach some proof at the end of the post.

Word of advice: don't go alone, it's too romantic, so drag that special other half of yours to come along. I've yet to see the town in spring and winter... Maybe someday...

Watching "In Bruges" on the other hand, didn't prove to be the same fairytale-like experience. Or maybe I was just expecting something else since I first watched the trailer for it. I was waiting for it to come out so excited. It sounded perfect: Colin Farrell - in Bruges. Since Colin Farrell is one of my favourite actors and Bruges is one of the few towns that went directly to my heart, I was expecting nothing less than pure perfection.

But the feeling only a bucket of ice cream when you're depressed can bring you, wasn't anywhere. Hmm...

I mean, ok, there was Bruges, looking as beautiful as ever and me recognising every corner they showed. There was Colin Farrell looking as gorgeous as always, great actor, his face bringing out all the emotions the character he plays is experiencing, awesome accent... There was Brendan Gleeson whose character is closer to Santa Claus than to a killer... There was Ralph Fiennes who's funny as hell because he's too mad... but... but...

Maybe I just didn't understand the movie. The rating it has on the Internet Movie Data Base website is incredible: 8.1 out of 10. Did I focus on the images so much, that I missed the plot? Could be... Should I watch it again?

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